Friday, Nov 13 2015, 12.15- 18.00

12.15 Words of Welcome – Secretary Gen., Peter Jon Larsen, The NORDEN association
12.20 Opening speech: “Democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of association” – Prof., Christian Rostbøll, KU
13.00 Panel: The theme is addressed by:

Mrs. Rasma Pipike, Foundation for Public Participation, Latvia

Mrs. Darja Akhutina, Sec. Gen. Association for cooperation with Baltic Sea countries, Russia

Mrs. Merle Haruoja, Institute for Human Rights, Estonia

Mrs. Regina Sabaliauskiene, Director Center for Innovative Education, Lithuania

Dr. Sergey S. Sudakov, United Nations Association, Russia

Mr. Henrik Wilen, Sec. Gen., FNF, Finland

15.00 Coffee break
15.30 Discussion between the speakers and the participants

Moderator: Brita Kvist Hansen

17.15 Summary – Brita Kvist Hansen
17.30 Closing speech by Jens Nytoft Rasmussen, Senior adviser to the Nordic Council
17.45 Presentation of Final document – Sec. Gen, Peter Jon Larsen, The NORDEN association

Closing remarks